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Brigitte Volz

The art of being in contact


There is a border between me and others.

This borderline of contact isn't fixed. It is constantly moving.

The contact prepares itself, takes a form, develops and intensifies, weakens and finally fades away.

To maintain a real, flowing and creative contact to oneself, to others and to the world - that is the magic of existence.

Numerous limits are encountered, due to outer and inner barbed wire, artificial thorns, used to construct fences, to impede communication.

In the beginning there was a tree.
called "osage orange".
Thorny, carrying peculiar fruits - sort of green oranges.
Growing in Texas and used as fence for the cattle.
Named after a first nation tribe: "Osages".

Let's associate french words and let's assume the name was built from the words "oser" (to dare) and "sage"?




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